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Why are Facials a Must for the Every Woman - Every Price

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I can show you just how important it is to have a basic "go to" facial regiment for daily/weekly use.. that can then justify an occasional facial treatment splurge with the pros.

Your daily routine doesn't have to be complicated, and your splurge of annual facial/occasional gift card doesn't have to be in the hundreds. I can show you just how important key ingredients such as citrus and Vitamin A can be used to help with cell production and collagen formation can be found on a dime, as well as the go to services I'd invest in as a licensed professional. If you know where to shop and what to look for you can avoid wasting dollars on the wrong products that can save you tons when stepping into the spa.

“Retinol is cardio for your skin. Too much too soon can have negative side effects, but work your way into it and it will keep you young looking forever!”

Retinol, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid have all be proven time and time again to be key ingredients in the anti-aging battle. Whether it be as a savior of moisture retention or a fighter of free radicals and aid in collagen formation. These ingredients can be found in various forms in foods from Kiwi + Lemon masks to under $50 Serums without any other crud in it (see below recommendations for product). But recently key ingredients such as CBD oil and Melatonin have been popping up in skin care products that have been found to have positive affects despite the lack historic research.

Unlike Melatonin, the anti-inflammatory and mild relaxing effects of CBD oil claims have minimal evidence as they work to build more data in the effects of high concentrations of CBD oil. However legit the effects are of CBD oil in beauty products, it does show to have anti-inflammatory properties so as a topical I'd see no harm in its addition to an ingredients list so long as they don't fluff with things like mineral oil and parabens to round out the irony. I want to see the other binding "catalyst" ingredients since even though they aren't actively doing anything to your skin, they're the reason it can drive into the skin and they can inhibit the effectiveness of those active ingredients.

Melatonin is the newest one to look for and from what I can tell, the data is starting to show true answers. It has been known to stimulate your skin's antioxidant enzymes while you sleep. These enzymes help fight against free radical damage done from pollution, UV exposure and stress in those waking hours.

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